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October 2012


Dear friends of Malteser International,

Disasters can sometimes be unpredictable. Yet, we are able to learn from their patterns and use this knowledge to be better prepared whenever disaster strikes again. Information and education are therefore crucial to prevent or reduce the risks of disaster. Hurricane Sandy left a path of destruction from Jamaica through Cuba to the northern United States, showing there is still much work to do to keep people safe from harm -- especially in vulnerable countries such as Haiti. That's why we urge you to help us raise awareness of disaster prevention: so people all over the world can prepare and protect themselves and their families.


Haiti: Hurricane Sandy leads to heavy floodings



Although Hurricane Sandy did not hit Haiti directly, the country was not left unscathed by the storm. Heavy floodings led to 52 deaths, almost 20,000 displaced and thousands of destroyed or damaged homes. Our teams are working to re-establish the supply of safe drinking water, conduct hygiene education campaigns and distribute soaps. >> more about the relief activities



Myanmar: Unrest in Rakhine State


Emergency relief for thousands of displaced


1,500 families displaced by a violent ethnic conflict will receive medical assistance and emergency kits including household and hygiene items. According to the United Nations, almost 30,000 people have been displaced. >> more 


Relief organisations lauch inclusive DRR Network


Inclusion of people with disabilities in diaster prevention


Four international humanitarian aid organisations launched a new consortium, the Disability Inclusive DRR Network, thus joining forces to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in disaster prevention policies in Asia. >>more



World Food Day 2012


Supporting local co-ops, fighting hunger


Agricultural cooperatives are vital to increase autonomy and access to food in underdeveloped rural areas. On World Food Day, Malteser International highlights the work of small farmer co-ops in the DR Congo. >> more



New Media



New Myanmar film: "More than a tree"



In Pictures: Global Handwashing Day 2012




Dear friends of Malteser International,

Can you imagine having to run away in fear from the place you call home, having to leave behind most of your belongings and many of your loved ones? Can you imagine not knowing whether you will ever be able to go back home or see friends and family again? Unfortunately, this happens to hundreds of thousands of people around the world every year. This month, on World Refugee Day, we honoured all of the refugees who have shown strength and courage in face of enormous difficulties, and we renewed our commitment to helping them overcome these challenges. In this edition of On the Spot, you can learn more about how we're helping refugees and internally displaced persons in Burkina Faso and Myanmar. Enjoy your reading!





May 2012


Dear friends of Malteser International,

As the ongoing crisis in West Africa's Sahel zone continues to worsen, we prepare to join hands with our French partners of the Order of Malta in the region to provide assistance to Malian refugees in Burkina Faso. Caught in between a terrible drought and political turmoil, these people are in dire need of our help. That's why we're thankful to count on a reliable network of partners all over the world, ready to help us reach those who are most vulnerable. One of these partners, Malteser Peru, celebrated its ten-year anniversary this month. We congratulate Malteser Peru on their successful work over the past decade, and hope for many more years of cooperation - for the people, with the people.


An own kindergarten for Ca Tu children





Assistance to Mali refugees


Transport of refugees to health centres in Burkina Faso