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As a result of Russia’s military attack on Ukraine and the ongoing warfare, which is also targeting civilians and medical facilities, the Polish Association of the Knights of Malta and the Maltese Medical Service (MSM) operating within its structures have launched a program of humanitarian assistance to the victims and refugees from Ukraine.

The program includes (among other things) medical support implemented in Ukraine through Maltese structures present there, as well as providing extensive support (medical and material) to war refugees from Ukraine on the spot, in Poland.

We are currently organizing and running: an aid post at the border, a medical aid and relocation post at the border, humanitarian transportation services, medical items’ collections and assistance in finding safe shelter.

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The Maltese Medical Service has been training paramedics in Ukraine for several years, having organized transportation of the wounded during the Euromaidan a few years ago, trained relevant civil service people (about 2,000 men and women) during the COVID-19 pandemic, and donated a significant amount of hygiene and personal protection items. Already today, the established trained structures and provided medical equipment are serving the Ukrainians, while MSM – thanks to these contacts – can continue to implement assistance in the most precise and effective way.

You can read the report on the implemented aid at: http://zakonmaltanski.pl/implemented-aid/